Designer of TSUKINO

Saya Tsukino


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Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand?

I was a college student when my major work "Jirori Fujin (meaning: staring madam)" was born. Vitage clothes with madam face pattern would always make me smile. One day, I thought, "it would be really fun and interesting if I make jewelries of madam face!"

16 years already passed since Jirori Fujin was born. She kept telling me something, and I somehow kept making her. I saw people smiling when they met her. I realized some good always came whenever she was around. Then I thought it was a turning point for me. In 2010, I established 'TSUKINO'.

This is beside the point, but TSUKINO is my mother's maiden name. It was very sad to think that a beautiful name like this was to be extinct. So, I decided take use this name as my designer name 'Saya Tsukino' when I started my own business.

I came up with the concept afterwards.
Through Jirori Fujin, I was able to meet a lot of people, and I noticed something.
Some people just smile when meeting her. On the other hand, some people looked at her like she was nothing. This is when I realized what she was telling me and what part of her I was so into. She was asking me "are you alright?" the whole time. She was asking me if my heart was rich.

Todaym the technology is over developed. It has become to easy to gain things and information. The ability to be creative and dream is degrading among people. Possessing a lot of things is not rich. Being free and rich at heart, and thinking what you want to do. That is the real richness. I feel so happy to work as an designer together with her.











Q2. Please describe your production process.

There are two method to make jewelries.
One is making from base metal. The other is cutting the wax pattern then doing metal casting.
'Jirori Fujin' is made one by one: each piece is made from processing silver plate. So I can't do mass production. Every piece is one of a kind in the world.
After finishing every piece into the final shape, lastly, I engrave her face into each piece one by one by using very thin saw blade.
It is a very detailed work, so even if I make a little mistake, it all goes in vain.
No face is the same, so sometimes I happen to make one that looks like my friend.
Maybe it would be fun to look for the one that looks like yourself, or your friends.





Q3. What made you interested in NY market?

I got the offer to exhibit at the ARCADE JAPAN right after I finished my exhibition in New York in June 2017.  Through my first exhibition in New York, I met a lot of people. It was a great experience. I was astonished to have an opportunity to exhibit in New York again, and at the same time, I strongly felt the urge to introduce my works from New York once again. I hope this step will lead me to meeting many more people.
(at the ARCADE JAPAN, I will exhibit my work that was exhibited last time too. It is a trick jewelry that is consisted of 3 parts, and I made it from 12.5" x 12.5" silver plate by handwork. Please take a look at it.)

今年2017.6月に偶然にもニューヨーク・マンハッタンにて展示会を終えた後でのARCADE JAPANのお声掛けでした。  初めて開催したニューヨークでの展示会では多種多様な方々からの新しい声、反応を嚙み締められた貴重な経験でしたので、再びニューヨークにて出展出来る機会が舞い降りた事に驚きと共にまたニューヨークから作品を発進したいという気持ちで一杯でした。この一歩から再び沢山の方々と繋がれる事を願っています。(the ARCADE JAPANにて前回ニューヨークで展示した作品も出展致します。30㎝×30㎝の銀板から3種類のジュエリーを手作業で削り出し造り上げた、トリックジュエリーです。合わせてご覧下さい。)



Jirori Fujin earrings

Jirori Fujin earrings


Q4. Which one is your favorite piece? And why?

No.1 Jirori Fujin earrings. Please see the attached picture.
This one is simply the best seller, but also I think this one has every technique and design in itself.
Cutting accurately two triangle plates off from silver plate, then combining those two plates. To make the welded parts beautiful, I create just the right amount of gap for the thickness of the plates. After that, I do finishing to enhance the strength, processing the surface and sides of the metal. Lastly, with the technique of openwork, I engrave the face of Jirori Fujin. As mentioned in Q2, if I make even a tiny mistake, it all goes in vain, so this work is the most stressful one. It would be great if you take a look at my works with this story somewhere in your mind.





Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.
   最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

Everything is so hectic in this modern world. I met Jirori Fujin.
If a smile is brought to you, or if you feel some warmth in your heart, then, my mission is completed.





interview & text by Yusuke Yamauchi