Team of toumei




Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand?

The professional resin processing group 'Masuki Jushi inc' established the brand 'toumei' in 2015. Using acrylic resin as the base, we reveal the possibility the materials by combining different materials such as wood and foil, and original graphics. With the technique of resin processing craftsmans and sense of young designers, we create new made-in-Japan products.

toumei(トウメイ)は、樹脂加工のプロフェッショナル集団 「 株式会社 益基樹脂」によりプロダクトブランドとして2015年に設立しました。アクリル樹脂をベースに、木材や箔など異素材との組み合わせ、 オリジナルグラフィックによる演出で素材の可能性を引き出します。 樹脂加工の職人技術と若手デザイナーの感性によって、常に新しい感覚の日本製品を創造しています。



Oshibana coaster making.JPG



Q2. Please describe your production process.

We start the process from cutting large acrylic plate. Depending on products, we make the shape by laser processing, lathe processing, and numerical control machining. Along with them, we do the front designing such as silk-screen printing, UV printing, and foil stamping. Which processings to do and when to do them, it all depends on the products. Lastly, as a finishing process, we chamfer the details and polishing the section.



Q3. What made you interested in NY market?

Because there is a big interest in design and art among people in New York, we thought that they will notice and appreciate our detailed work.




Oshibana Hashioki

Oshibana Hashioki


Q4. Which one is your favorite piece? And why?

Recommended items are Oshibana Hashioki, Oshibana Coaster, Oshibana Cutlery Rest, Oshibana Hand Mirror. We carefully pressed flowers and grass in the wild and added just the right amount of graphic processing. They are finished with a sense of fragility and delicacy, giving you the impression of beautiful botanical art and a Japanese sense.

イチオシ商品:Oshibana Hashioki,Oshibana Coaster,Oshibana Cutlery Rest,Oshibana Hand Mirror



Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.
   最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

We, at toumei, look at the beauty of made-in-Japan products from an unique perspective, and introduce rich lifestyles with resin products to next generations and other countries. We hope you will enjoy our products.




interview & text by Yusuke Yamauchi