Designer of KUTITTAA

Ayako Chizuwa



Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand? What is meaning of brand name?

Before I started as KUTITTAA, I had my brand with a different name for about four years, but after having changed the taste in my style, I rebranded it and established KITITTAA. KUTITTAA means "tickling" in Finnish. I hope to "tickle" your heart and bring smiles on your face with my products. 


Ayako Chizuwa, Designer of KUTITTAA

Ayako Chizuwa, Designer of KUTITTAA


Q2. Please describe your production process.

Firstly, shaping resin by freehand or with a rough mold. Following by coloring, patterning, and drying. Then cover it with resin, file the details, drill it, and attach metal parts to finish.


Q3. What made you interested in NY market?

I totally felt ACJ's passion and inspired me to take on this challenge!



Q4. Which one is your favorite piece? And why?

My most favorite collection from this season is a statement earring series called "puzzle."  This series is very special to me because I designed puzzle exclusively for this event to express my excitement to be a part of this project. In my production, I like to express my feelings/emotions upon starting designing. I always try to keep in mind to enjoy the production process and pour my love into it. I hope my excitement and my love for the creation will be conveyed through my pieces.  

今回は、大ぶりのpuzzleシリーズです。何故なら、今回の為に新しいデザインを作らせていただいたのですが、新作を作る時の特別な感情、喜びが込められているからです。私は、製作時の自分の感情を1番大切にしています。「自らがご機嫌で楽しむ事、愛を込める事」を心がけ、作る時に感じる私の喜びや幸せな思いがアクセサリーを通してお客様に届けていければと思っています。時を忘れ喜びに満ち、製作したこちらをオススメさせて頂きます 。

Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.
   最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

Resin is great because it's very light and even big statement pieces feel weightless. Please take it and feel the weight!! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of smiles!!


Text by Nana Jitsukawa