Designer of KU8URI

Aya Kawai


Aya Kawai, Designer of KU8URI

Aya Kawai, Designer of KU8URI

Q1. What is the reason that you decided to exhibit at the ARCADE JAPAN three times?
    the ARCADE JAPANに3度目になる参加を決定した理由は何ですか?

The reason we dicided to exhibit is because we can get the feedback from customers in NY through the ARCADE JAPAN. We're excited for our third exhibition.




Q2. What is the concept of your collection this time?

We're going to exhibit our "washi collection" (collection of the clothes made with Japanese paper material) same as the last exhibition. However, we're offering a wide range of sizes because we got some feedback about the size last time . We also offer summer knitted tops made with Japanese paper threads, so we hope that you enjoy those differences in our "washi collection" from the last exhibition.

今回も前回同様、和紙の生地を使用した“washi collection"になりますが、前回のPOP UPの際、お客様からサイズに関してのご要望があったため、サイズ展開を増やしております。また、和紙の糸を使用したサマーニットも新しく上がっており、また前回より少し変化した"washi collection"を見て頂けると思います。




Q3. What part of your exhibit do you want the customers to pay most attention to?

Some people might think it's too traditional when hearing of the Japanese paper material. However, it can become a variety of textures by combining with different kinds of threads. We'd like you to see the variety of textures at this exhibition.




Q4. Please share your enthusiasm of your third exhibit at the ARCADE JAPAN.

Japanese paper material is perfect especially for summer season. We hope this exhibition will be a great opportunity for you to know the difference between a linen and a Japanese paper in terms of breathability, firmness, and comfortability.





interview & text by Asaka Nakazato