Designer of Kobo Furukawaya

Masahira Furuhata



Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand? What is meaning of brand name?

Nagano prefecture is located in the center of Japan. Among them, especially in the "Kiso Valley" located in a deep mountainous area, we have been making and continue to make Japanese traditional wooden combs over four generations. The brand name has been inherited since the first generation, but I started calling "Kobo," studio, Furukawa-ya as a reminder for ourselves of craftsmanship. 


Masahira Furuhata, Designer of Kobo Furukawaya

Masahira Furuhata, Designer of Kobo Furukawaya

Q2. Please describe your production process.

"Minebari," the wood whom the comb is made of, is a native origin in Japan. 
The intense environment with climate change in Japan builds trees its durability and flexibility. Minebari contains rich moisture, and it takes over 10years for it to dry naturally. Once it drys properly, the combs are cut out of the wood, filed and polished many times, and finally delivered to customers after about ten different steps.


Q3. What made you interested in NY market?

I believe that the desire for women to have beautiful hair is a universal desire. I hope to spread the word about our products from New York City as the center of the world in fashion, art, economy, entertainment, and many other things. We cannot be happier if I could help people on the other side of the globe feel more confident about their hair.



Q4. Which one is your favorite piece? And why?

The most recommended product from us is「Minebari comb」[SUPER HOSOBA 4.] Its fine teeth are neatly spaced with 0.5mm (about 0.2inch) apart, and it removes dirt and dusts off the hair. Also, it creates shine on hair by taking care of the cuticles while eliminating static and reducing frizz. We recommend using with a plant-based oil for a better result. Perfect for dried hair. 

当工房イチオシのお六櫛は「Minebari comb [SUPER HOSOBA 4]」です。0.5mmの極細仕上げにより、頭髪のチリやゴミを根こそぎ取り除くことが出来ます。そして最大の効果は、静電気を抑えながら髪一本一本のキューティクルにやさしくアプローチできますので、艶々な髪が手に入ります。天然の植物油と併用することにより効果は更に増加します。髪がパサついてお困りの方にこそ御愛用いただきたい一品です。

Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.
   最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, you can go beyond the borders and find a cheaper option for anything. That is why I think it's important to have a keen insight to carefully determine the best that enrich our lives. I hope you will find "the one" that can spend your life with at the ARCADE JAPAN.

国境を超えてなんでも格安で手に入る時代で世間は物で溢れています。だからこそ、本当に自分の人生を豊かにする最高の一品を見抜く力が必要だと考えます。the ARCADE JAPANでは是非そんな一品と出会い、なくてはならない相棒として、ともに過ごしていって欲しいと願います。

Text by Nana Jitsukawa