Designer of Glück und Gute

Chisato Hemuki


Q1. What does your brand name mean?

Glück means "happy", Gute means "quality" in German. I wanted to make something you feel comfortable and happy when you use it.



Q2. Please describe your production process.

First, I think about details like materials, how to knit, design, size, and so on. I order samples to several factories depending on the productions. I make sure if they are strong enough, the customers can use it for long and won't feel stress. After repeating to correct the samples, it goes into production. Because of machine production there is limit but I do all the best I can to make comfortable productions.


Q3. Why do you focus on using organic materials?

I focus on using organic materials. Chemical fibers are good for strength and price but organic materials has comfort. Especially, silk and wool used to protect animals so they have desorption moisture performance and are good for keeping warm can keep it comfortable. They are great for kids too.
I hope you feel the power of the nature.



Q4. What is the greatness of five toed socks?

Feet are used for several action like standing firm or balancing on the ground.
Five toed socks are very close to barefoot. They make you easy to stand and good for balancing so you can keep the good posture. Also the feet are far from the heart so we don't have enough opportunity to move our toes. That's why there are waste which make it cold. Wearing five toed socks stimulate the toes and improve blood circulation.Gluck und Gute's five toed socks are two layer structures with 100% of silk inside and 100% of wool (or cotton). Five toed socks could be tight. To avoid that, there are more space around toes and it makes the fabric softer. Since we use silk between the toes, it is breathable. The silk inside works as cushion so it is comfortable and soft. The cotton outside keeps it warm and protect the silk. They don't have heels so they are one size fits all. In addition, you can exchange left sock with right one,and it is hard to get a hole so you can wear it for a long time.I would like you to wear them as underwear so I named it "ashi no hadagi (underwear for feet)". Same as the other clothes, if you wear them double, they keep you warmer.

足は踏ん張ったりバランスを取ったり、身体を動かす面で様々な働きをしています。五本指は裸足に一番近いソックス。無理なく足指に力が入り、地面をしっかりつかむことができるので足指のバランスが向上し正しい姿勢を保つことができます。また心臓から遠い足は、普段、靴によって足指を動かす機会が減っていることもあり血流の悪さから老廃物がたまりやすく冷えやすい場所。五本指を履くことで、足指(つま先)が刺激され、全身の血流がよくなります。グリュックントグーテの五本指は肌にあたる内側がシルク100%。外側がウール(or コットン)100%の二層構造。五本指靴下ならではの窮屈さを和らげるため足指の長さを大きくとり生地の柔らかさにこだわりました。指の間にシルク生地があることから蒸れにくく、指の間の汗(老廃物)をしっかり吸収、放湿。ループ状の内側シルクがクッションとなり柔らかな履き心地です。外側の綿が保温しながらシルクを保護。カカトがないため、フリーサイズで左右入れ替えられ破れにくく長く履いていただけます。足の肌着感覚で1枚目に履いていただきたいことから「足の肌着」と名付けています。足も上の服のように、肌着を一枚重ねてあげるだけでかなり保温性が高まります。

Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.
   最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

Hello. I'm Gluck and Gute. I have two kids and making organic things. I think about "what feet really like" and they  are  knitted with organic materials such as silk, cotton, and wool. I repeat trial and error with Japanese traditional technique and take small lot orders. The natural materials make feet warm and also make your whole body comfortable. I feel like it leads your body to right way. I hope you like it.


Interview & text by Moeka Nakamura