Designer of DIARGE

Hirofumi Shimizu


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Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand?


Since I was a high school student, I wanted to create original structure.
A structure that combines resources in the world and create a new value.
For me, it was creating my own product, and the closest way was to establish a brand.
Having this dream, I started working as a merchandizer at a womens shoes brand in Taitou, Tokyo.
In 2011, I became self-employed and shifted to mens line.
That was when I started my brand 'DIARGE'.




Q2. Please describe your production process.


Production of DIARGE starts from processing the base metal, mainly brass.
For example, 13304 the shoehorn, the process is, cutting the brass plate into appropriate size, hammering and then pressing twice, cutting the brass plate into the product figure and bending, deburring and drilling on the cross section, barrel processing called 'tama-pura', then finally combining each parts.
There are many ways of metal surface finishing, such as metal plating, sandblast, hairline finishing, etc... Items that are composed of leather and metal add two more procesures to this, which are processing the leather parts and assembling.
All the hammering, punching and forming are done by craftsmans.
After finishing, every product is carefully inspected and packaged.
Toward the goal of creating fascinating products, craftsmans use their various technique.

DIARGEのプロダクトのモノづくりは真鍮を中心としたBASE METALの加工からはじまります。13304 シューホーンのケースで言えば シューホーン本体の工程 真鍮の板材を適切な大きさに裁断→打ち出しの意匠の型で2度に分けてプレス加工→打ち出し意匠が施された真鍮板を抜き絞り型で裁断&アール形状のクセづけ→切断面のバリ取り・穴あけ→ 玉プラと呼ばれるバレル加工→各パーツの組み立て  メッキやサンドブラスト、ヘアラインなど多彩な表面処理があります。革と組み合わせたアイテムの場合はこれに革のパーツの加工とアッセンブルの工程が加わります。打ち出しの衣装の型は職人の手打ちから起こしており、形状を決める抜き絞り型もすべてオリジナルで作製しています。また最終の仕上げやパッケージングまで自社で行うことで1点1点丁寧に検品をしています。製造工程はもちろん、企画段階から魅力的なプロダクトを作ることを目的に多種多様な職人が持つ技術とて作業の積み重ねにより生み出されています。



Q3. What made you interested in NY market?


I am very interested in how DIARGE is going to be evaluated in NY, the center of fashion, industry and culture.
Also, I always thought NY is the most influenceing market. So I took this opportunity to obtain information and connection to expand the business into North America Market in the future.




Q4. Which one is your favorite piece? And why?


My favorite piece is 13304 BRASS CHASING SHOEHORN(pt).
This is one of the oldest product of DIARGE.
This shoehorn involves the traditional hammering technique 'Uchidashi'.
In this product, the texture and the exression of the brass is most expressed in a simple and compact way.

13304 BRASS CHASING SHOEHORN(pt) です。DIARGEの初期からの商品で”打ち出し"という鍛金の伝統技法をデザインに昇華したプロダクトであり、かつ手に取りやすい価格を実現した商品です。真鍮の質感や表情の奥行が最もシンプルかつコンパクトに表現されている点でもオススメです。


Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.
   最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。


The rich texture and characteristics of base metal are transformed into a product, by Japanese craftsman's exquisite tecnique, and now standing in front of you as a product of DIARGE.
By being possessed, used, and gifted, I hope it will become one of the factors that enrich the lifestyle of you and people around you.






interview & text by Yusuke Yamauchi