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Junko Nakahira



Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand? What is meaning of brand name?


When I visited the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Spain, I was totally moved by his arts. I felt like I was struck by lightning, and started crying with goosebumps on my skin. I've seen so many arts by so many of the greatest artists, but it was my very first experience that I was moved so much like that by art. I know I cannot be on his level, but I wanted to do something creative and inspire people with my creations. The brand name has a meaning of stimulation, inspiration, and freshness.



Q2. Please describe your production process.


Processes are never the same actually because the materials are different depending on the products. For example, for the pottery decoration object, chopstick rest, and brooch, the process is: 1. molding the clay to create the shape, 2. dry 3. first baking process, 4. painting, 5. glazing, 6. second baking process, 7. finishing with a minor cosmetic touch up. Usually, I skip the rough sketch or draft and just go with the inspiration I get from the condition or texture of the material; therefore, each and every single product has their own characteristics to it.


Q3. What made you interested in NY market?


New York, where people associates it with being "fashionable" and "leading edge." On the other hand, my works are the opposite of what New York is like. But, because of its gap, I was drawn to find out the reaction. This is one of the rare occasion where my works go across the border. I am very excited, but also it's mixed with a bit of nervousness!!



Q4.Which one is your favorite piece? And why?


My favorite is the porcelain cat series. I love cat, and I always catch myself creating something with cat design. From something practical like a chopstick rest to something completely impractical like a decoration object etc... My favorite original characters are "Chinna-meow-go," which is combination of cat and Chinanago (garden eel), and "Meow-ko-umiushi," a combination of cat and umiushi (sea slug). The decoration object is made of pottery and totally safe to use in an aquarium with other marine creature. Even bubbles around the face and algae add character to it, and it's entertaining to have in an aquarium in addition to your pet fish!


Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.

 最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

Most of my works are a bit bizarre... But! I hope my works bring a split second of happiness and smile to you! I hope some of you will adopt my bizarre "cats" ;)