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Katsuko Tamaki




Q1. What made you decide to establish your own brand? What is meaning of brand name?


My first event I attended as a brand was an art-craft event hosted by a museum in Japan. By then, I used to create mainly fine art pieces. But, since I used to study architecture and interior design in college, I always thought I eventually wanted to create something more practical. The brand name came from my last name Tamaki. T as my last name initial, and tree as the second letter of my last name "木," tree, represents itself. It is also coming from the herb, tea tree, wishing to create something that can bring a moment of relaxation in life.



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Q2. Please describe your production process.


The primary materials I use are metal and polyester resin. I create a shape out of a sheet and a bar of metal by whacking, bending, adding heat, and polishing to create a finished form. For resin works, I use original molds. First, I create the mold, pour silicone material, and then I pour resin and then polish it to finish the shape.


Q3. What made you interested in NY market?


When I had chances to show my pieces to people from overseas, they told me my works are very much of Japanese style, and that made me curious to see the reaction abroad. I am very excited to find out how people react to my works in the city of art, New York City!!

もともと創っているアート作品を海外の方に見ていただく機会が何度かあり、とても日本的な作品だと言われたことがきっかけで海外展示にも興味を持つようになりました。 実用的な商品も、海外の方々や洗練されたニューヨークという場所で、皆様がどんな反応を示してくださるのかとても興味深く関心を持っています。

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Q4.Which one is your favorite piece? And why?


My favorite is the iron box series. Although the nature of the iron is very robust and hard, I tried to make it look softer as if it is made of paper or leather. It is available in vivid bright colors as well as simple monotone colors both in a matte finish.



Q5. Lastly, please share some comments to customers at the ARCADE JAPAN.

 最後に、the ARCADE JAPANのお客様に一言お願いします。

I try to create products that highlights daily lifes. I hope you enjoy my creation!!