In today’s world, consumerism is common. Product are made, bought, and wasted - that’s the cycle.

However, there are people who are starting to look for something real and quality.

Something that is worth holding on to.


But where do you go when you are looking for something real and quality?

Famous concept store? - of course.

Big designers? - sure.


We have come to the answer to this question in 2017. That is, the ARCADE JAPAN, a concept store of MADE-BY-JAPANESE DESIGNERS.

All the products are carefully chosen by owner Minato, and designers take pride in their creative process.

When you get the piece in your hands, you will want to hold on to it forever.

Where you feel closer to the craftsmanship and passion that is poured into the products


- the ARCADE JAPAN - your next destination.

Unrevealed is revealed.



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Minato Fukuoka - Co-Founder

Mikio Sakamoto - Co-Founder



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